? Competitions ?

Angelina has won many international competitions but for that she had to travel to the United Arab Emirates, Austria, London, Paris. All these transportation costs have been fully covered by her family. This is why Angelina is forced to make choices, which are more often financial than relevant. These competitions are used to meet internationally renowned pianists who can guide her in the quest for excellence. All careers often start with encounters, heart strokes.

? Master Class ?

These courses or stages allow Angelina to introduce her work directly to the best teachers. It's very important to improve the artistic note of her piece of music for a competition or at a concert. Angelina's family tries as much as possible to fullfill these increasing needs.

?  Piano ?

As you can imagine, the more expensive cost is the piano. The price of one of this divine instrument reaches more than 50,000 Euros. In addition, a pianist can not move in concert with his musical instrument. That's why concert pianos are almost always rented. Do not forget to call a professional who will adjust it before and after the concert.  

? That is why we are looking for sponsors, individuals or companies, able to guide Angelina throughout her career, without having to suffer financial brakes, as is already the case. Would you like to help her financially, materially or artistically? The whole family thanks you in advance! Contact us on the email:


We can see together how to set up a partnership between Angelina and you or your company. ?

Before the jump on the scene of international competition of Vienna, austria.

Ready to perform on French TV in Lille's stadium

Master Class with the great Maestro Bruno RIGUTTO

Virtuozo Austria
Concert Lille
Master Class

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