Nataliya is a Prodigies of the 1990s, winner of a large number of national and international competitions in Ukrain. At 18 year old, she has been already awarded by a Master of music. Unfortunatly, she to exile to Middle East in order to earn the lifes of the family. Only 5 years later, she was the official pianist of the presidential palace of the United Arabs Emirates. She played for the greatest heads of state before devoting herself to her own family.

Just installed in France, she quickly became a must at the Bourges conservatory. Later, she organized the Classic Music Paris-Emirates Express festival of Abu Dhabi. From now on, she devotes all her energy towards the emergence of young talents. Incredible pedagogue with children, she is one of the best musicians with an absolute ear recognized by the greatest concert musicians.

If you do not know how much dimension a piano has, Nataliya will guide you to the fourth. .

Nataliya STETSENKO show

Franck CIUP

The first surprise when you meet Franck CIUP is its extraordinary accessibility due to great listening qualities, curiosity, and extreme modesty. These 4 notes already define him as a great artist.

In front of his piano, he will bring you into the world of infinities. When you are listening him, the time is not existing anymore.Each performance is priceless, however, in such an ocean of notes, he will still take the trouble to write for you a lot of beautiful compositions. Fully committed, he has always promoted and made known the greatest artists of this world while forgetting that he is one of the Master.

Franck CIUP will give you the key which open the majestic door that will lead you to the infinity and eternity of classical music. (Théâtre Saint BONNET)

Ciup Franck Valse Altitude passé

Alexandra NATAL

Alexandra is Angelina's little sister. Already winner of two international classical piano competitions, that of the CMF and Clé d’Or, she absolutely wanted to participate in the big show. So, she will share with you her childlike look. A bit of humor, playfulness will remind you that classical music is alive and eternally relevant in all of us. This is the little cherry perched up there, at the top of the cake ... of chocolate!

Cledor 2018 Alexandra, 6 ans

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