I was 7 years old when I played for the broadcast Prodiges on TV Channel France2 in 2015. Since, I want to be professional pianist, obviously!


What a great luck to perform the dream of your childhood! Just to be a star even if it-s lasting few minuts!

Angelina joue "Concerto pour piano n°3" au piano - Prodiges 2

Constant & Angelina jouent « Le carnaval des animaux » de Saint-Saens - Prodiges

I was also lucky to play  with the piano bought in 182 by the famaous writter Georges Sand. This piano didn't meet the genious Chopin but the house kept all his soul.

In Sorbonne University of Abu Dhabi, it was a lot of people to applause. A lot of noise but big silence when I started to play. Attendees have also applause the french composer Franck CIUP through "Scarlatti".

Angelina NATAL, 10 ans, rencontre avec George SAND, CHOPIN, DEBUSSY et PLEYEL

Scarlatti Sorbonne, Angelina 9 ans

I was also often invited by Steinwey & sons showroom of Dubai. To play on this piano ,it's look like to drive a Ferrari. It's what my mother said!

I played several times at the New-York University of Abu Dhabi! I was really honored to play with a lot of international pianists.

Berkovitch Variations theme Paganini la mineur.Angelina Natal.Steinway Dubai

Angelina, 9 ans, New-York University Abu Dhabi

Paris-Emirates Express Festival at Royal Meridien of 'Abu Dhabi with the marvelaous Valse d'Ivanna composed by our friend Franck CIUP.

Theatre Saint-Bonnet  with the great hands "Grand Meaulnes" composed by our friend Franck CIUP. Special thanks for my mother who played me...

Valse Ivanna 06122016

Le grand Meaulne de Franck CIUP


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